Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember when...

The other day I found  myself in quite a dilemma when deciding on a color scheme for a collar design. 

The dilemma and an observation: where did all these shades of fill in the blank come from?!  I remember a time when you may have had two or three shades of orange...light, regular, and dark, but now that is  not the case!  Orange is no longer orange and blue is no long just blue (thanks Wiki for the examples)...

Seriously...Papaya Whip?! 

Uh...Eton Blue...it is a cool name, but really folks?! ETON?!

These chart shows only one point of view of what orange and blue represent to the creator of THESE lists...holy crap look at this RGB chart by Kevin J. Walsh Copyright © 2007.  It is a fairly large list of colors that range from black (or would that be blacks?!) to white...white(s). 

No wonder you need a degree to figure out what goes with what now-a-days and just think...all I wanted to do was make a blue and orange collar.  After looking at all the colors, I will be going with...i am still working on that!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally....the Sashes are here!!!!

So, after doing a couple for free I have decided to do a line of them to see what kind of buzz they may generate. So without further adieu...



The colors and centers will vary depending on the client.

I am so happy that my babies are here!!! Thanks to everyone for their inspiration and kind words!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dr. Who...the new season is a comin'

This is one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to television.  I do love the Who series, but I just cannot seem to "get" the series before Christopher Eccelston.  I was in lurve with David Tennant and now Matt Smith is kinda growing on me...it has to be the bowtie cuz the fez was killing me!

Anyway, for those of you Who fans out there...

Christmas List 2011:
TARDIS...I wonder if I can get one on Amazon?!