About Me

Sometimes you have to wonder how you arrived at a particular juncture in your life. I was not a particularly stellar student in school, but I have to admit I am a bright chic with a bit of a chill-axin’ streak. I will tell you that for some reason crafting has always been something that I have always had a love for.

My very first project was a crochet hat for my sock monkey Mrs. Peabody (I was around 12 /13). Now, I had never crocheted in my life, but I figured out how to do a single crochet, link it, drop stitches, and create a little round hat…with no direction, no example, no lessons and never having crocheted ever! For a few years I thought about that hat, but did nothing about it as far as trying to get some lessons to become a proficient crocheter.

I graduated from high school hell, joined the Navy (the Circus would have sounded cooler), earned a commission (Naval Officer ya’ll), got married, graduated from college with undergraduate and graduate degrees, and now I work in DC for an appointee. So, in all of that there is nothing to indicate that I should be crafting anything at anytime. I really believe that because my life is so structured sometimes, I am creative. I love bold, bright, and whimsical colors and designs. I have a love affair with things that sparkle, wave, and layer. I have a dirty nasty love affair with my sewing machines, I often get big-girl toy envy when my friends get a new crafting toy, and I am a hoarder of craft specialties. I admit that I hate scrapbooking, knitting, and jewelry making, but if given the opportunity…hell yeah bitches I am on it and going overboard with it!

I have reached the ripe old age of “nun-ya-dayum-business” and I have a “studio” in my apartment filled from floor to ceiling with all kinds of crafting supplies, I am in pure heaven. All I need is a sexy dude to bring me cocktails all day while I cut, place, and sew all those lovely little pieces of fabric into a masterpiece…oh wait, I have a sexy hubby that does just that! God life is good!

I make things that I have a passion for; right now that is dog collars and leashes. I love my pooch Chester the Chunky Chow-Chow and I love dressing him up in the latest collar designs and waiting for the opportunity to hand out my card and proudly say…”I made that!”

So, with marriage, dog, school, work, and creating I am a busy gal and you can visit me:

1. here on on my blog as I pontificate about life and craft,

2. at my website http://www.twisted-cow.com/

3. etsy http://www.thetwistedcow.etsy.com/

4. or on Cargoh http://www.cargoh.com/store/twisted-cow
yep...that is all ya'll!!!