My Favorite Stuff

I do have a life outside of collars and leashes. I have a vast number of interests and one happens to be Dr. Who! Oh relax...this will not be a tribute to Dr. Who (at least not in the beginning), but instead my page that talks and listens to my fellow bloggers as we discuss all kinds of things that we love.

To give you a list of the crap that I love and will be adding tidbits of information about:

1. For those of you who don't know...I am a HUGE syfy fan so when someone tells me that any really super awesome classic syfy film is on (Star Wars, Star Trek,etc...) I shut my sewing room door and turn it up!  My favorite show of all time (at least this month...) Dr. Who.  This time around Matt Smith is sporting a really snazzy bow tie in which he quotes, "bow ties are cool." in a matter-of-factly kind of way.  Wait until you see how that little phrase has inspired me!

But on to what I really wanted to show you.  So, the other day when I was searching for some help with a project (BTW YouTube is a fabulous source of tutorials in a pinch), I found this on a site called College Humor.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Have a great laugh on me mate!

2. I love tutorials of all kinds! Anything that teaches you to do something for yourself or at least gives you enough knowledge to know when someone is bulls*iting you.

3. I love sewing (duh!!). My nemeses at this time (and will always be) is making clothing, following patterns, and knitting. For all of you that can sew clothing, follow patterns, and knit...bleep bleep boop bop bleep. Just kidding, I have nothing but love for y'all but I am still hating on you!!!

4. Chester. Okay it is my dog, but I will hold true to my word and not talk about the collars that he wears...just him. Also, I hope to shed a little light on how awesome Chow-Chows are!

5. My family and me. O - M - G! nuff said.

6. Food. God I love cake. So, you will see me drolling over some of these blogs that have cake and stuff on them. I am working myself up to becoming a semi-vegetarian (don't judge me!) and cutting some of the crap out of my diet. I am African American, Southern, and a polite young lady so when people offer food I feel compelled to eat it (stop judging me!). And boy does my rump tell the story. Luckily, I have learned to politely decline dinner invites and steer away from certain foods or I would be at least 100lb heavier!

7. Current Events. I just LURVE the news and the things that are going on out there. I will never pretend to be the expert on anything, but like most of you I can be passionate about stuff and spew all kinds of facts and figures and find out that I am completely wrong LOL! It is okay though...I will still stick to my beliefs.

8. Other blogs that interest me and that I think we should all give a little bit of love...or hate...what ever mood suits you.