Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is it Just Me?

In the midst of my complete and total breakdown of my anticipated move, I was listening to the television and another pill commerical came on. After listening to a brief spill about the disease it treated and the benefits...then came the side effects. Let's see...diaherra, dry mouth, low sperm count, irregular heart beat, kidney failure, loss of appetite, loss of hair, headaches, gas, death...blah blah blah.

I listened to all of that and I wonder, what the hell? I know that we are practicing better living through pharmaceuticals but is it really worth it? I am sure that the symptons may be rare, but with my luck I will get everything but the death so I will be suffering from all the side effects just so that my nose will stop running because of my allergies!

This reminds me of a cost / benefit analysis. Will the cost out weigh the benefits and by how much?

Americans are living longer, but boy are we suffering!

Friday, July 31, 2009


I know that Twitter is a sensation, and I finally took the plunge and opened a Twitter account. I think it is okay for promoting, but I mainly use my Twitter account to see what people are doing out there. I Tweet about all kinds of crap that ranges from my iphone to dogs. I, like most people, like stuff outside of my business.

Here is my beef, and this was put so elegantly by another etsy member, what is up with the spamming?! The 'click here and play this game', 'go here and download a free app for your iphone', 'check out my naked body', and the random followers who have nothing but advertisements in their tweets! I understand that everyone is looking for exposure in all kinds of mediums, especially the free ones, but really people?!

I do tweet and I will continue to tweet, but just because you are following me does not mean that I will follow you.

much love!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yep, I have joined the ranks of my fellow crafters and started my own blog. I have been threatening to do it and I finally did!

I hope to take some time out tomorrow night to write some thoughts on what is going on in my life and business. With a move to Washington DC looming on my horizon, I think that my move will be a great opportunity for me to share my experience and hopefully help someone if they have to take the same kind of journey when relocating for a job.

Well anyway, off to finish up my housework and do some thinkin'!