Friday, October 15, 2010

Choices Choices Choices

In February of 2010 I wrote this excerpt in my blog:

When I first started tweeting, it seemed like fun. The going back and forth, the following people's tweets, the hope that someone famous would discover your product and rocket you off to fame, fortune, and Oprah. But alas, some of us are realist and have to juggle time, sleeping, eating, working, tweeting, Facebook, dog shows, craft shows, husbands, households (did I mention THREE households?), friends, family, website design, product updates, product designs, taxes, inventory, and clients. So, with those factors in mind...I think that I am going to have to let Twitter go by the way of the Hammer Pants. is an update.  I am thinking of getting rid of my FaceBook account too.  I really have no intention of updating my FB account and Twitter is just too time consuming.  I am really trying to figure out how people do it?  I love my iPhone, but I am not that thrilled about using it to Tweet or update my status..."I am in the bathroom trying to figure out why Chester is watching me do my business?!".  To be honest, it is only fair as I watch him do his.  But, back to all this social networking...I simply can't do it, well can't is not the word, but won't do it.  I would rather spend my time blogging and creating.

Oh and Hammer Pants are back...ugh!


  1. I don't update my facebook account but I still keep it since I've managed to find quite a few old friends through it. If it's a personal account that you don't want to update I'd still keep it. If its business then its probably better to nix it then not update it.

  2. your right. I have nixed it and decided to do a bit more blogging and be more involved with some of the groups that I have joined.

    I think that what I may do is do a personal account just to be able to read and post to my friends' accounts...but that would be about it.