Friday, October 22, 2010


I have no idea how this came about, but this is the funniest thing that I have ever had the pleasure of discovering.

I heard about regretsy from a forum on etsy and of course my nosiness caused me to clickety-click-click and the first thing I saw was this bear with a vah-jay-jay.  I almost fell out of my seat laughing.  I literally laughed for about 10 minutes straight and I could not breath!  I had to leave my desk because I would just constantly click on it and restart the laughter.

Is regretsy a good thing or bad thing...I am not sure.  It does highlight some items that probably would not get the exposure otherwise, some of the items gain some rock star status, and the shops get hearts and sometimes sales.  The downside is that folks get to really say what they feel about an item.  I will be the first to admit that some of the stuff on etsy makes me raise an eyebrow, but not everything I see is my taste so I am not that particular seller's target market.  And then there is the stuff that causes me to question if the creator was under the influence of "something" when they made "it" and listed "it".  Don't get me wrong, I am not a fine artist or trained critic for that matter, but there are just some things that would cause my 6 year old niece to question the sanity behind it. 

Regretsy also does a lot of good.  Here is a bit from their site: The Regretsy Alchemy Fund hires Etsy artists to create handmade products for various charities. In some instances, the fund is able to provide relief directly to artists in need.  Projects are funded through sales of Regretsy merchandise on Zazzle or Ebay, direct donations, donated book royalties and donated ad revenue.  There are a number of projects that regretsy has been publically involved in and they are currently running a donation campaign to raise money for a kid with cancer to help pay for his treatment...cute kid too!  According to, they have rasied over over $25,000.00 for all charitable projects.  That is impressive! 

Anyway, stop by regretsy and see what all the huh-la-ba-loo is about and make your own judgement.  I recommend that you read the FAQs first (start there with your laugh) and then make your way to the Gallery to see the folks that have purchased things because of regretsy, and finally see the stuff that made it to regretsy by clicking on the Home page.

Best of luck! 


  1. lol @ regretsy! so funny that a guy wanted to commission a picture of his friend as a centaur with his wife riding him. Just wanted to also say thanks for adding my blog to your sidebar!