Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow...what happened to me and my blog?

If you look, my last blog posting was back in August. I have made my move to urbanized Maryland...Upper Marlboro to be exact and I am looking to find new friends, undertake new adventures, and push myself a bit to be a bit less of an introvert. Most of my friends would disagree with my "introvertness" but it is really more of an urban introvertness.

I was spoiled living in beautiful (but cold as hell) Rutland, Ma so I enjoyed the comforts and safety of a tiny small community...well not anymore. So, I am trying to work out my urban introvertness and get out there and enjoy life.

I do plan on reviving this thing and staying current with Facebook and Twitter (I may close this account because I really am not enjoying Tweeting).

Anyway, I will update more later this week.

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