Monday, August 30, 2010

New Stuff!!!

As I wrote earlier, I will be taking more pictures of my creations. So, below is my newest creation...Haute Rox! The hardest thing about this collar design was to name it. First, I had to name it something that was unisex in nature because no man wants to order the collar Roxanne for his boy! So, the name Rox was born. Actually, Rox is the name of the shiny part (red) without the band of sequin (Rox is some awesome shiny stuff fabric and is available in a few colors!). Haute Rox is a combination of Rox, sequin band, and an aluminum buckle.

Thanks to my buddy Julie for cleaning up my images...check her out at click here for her portfolio...she is amazing!!!

Here is what you are not going to like about this can only get it in 1-1/2in (38mm) and 2in (50mm)...bollocks! I am hoping to find a more narrow sequin band for our smaller luv muffins...that is dog's bollocks. Can you tell that I have been watching way too much BBC and I am a huge Dr. Who fan!

Rox and Haute Rox will come in Shocking Pink, Red, White (it is literally wipe clean white!), Lime, and Black.  I am working on getting more colors of the sequin banding from India so that we can really shake things up!!!

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